The International Society of Engineering Asset Management (ISEAM) is a multidisciplinary professional learned society dedicated to the development and recognition of Asset Management as an integrated and important body of knowledge.

The Society provides thought-leadership and influence on a global basis to coordinate the discipline’s advance with academics, practitioners, and policy makers in the¬†trans-discipline of Engineering Asset Management.

ISEAM will operationalise this purpose by:

  • Developing a quality journal that appeals to both practitioners and academics
  • Continuing to deliver successful, high-quality and popular conferences for those interested in Engineering Asset Management
  • Facilitating and coordinating the global effort to develop national bodies dedicated to the development of the Engineering Asset Management discipline
  • Liaising with national and international bodies to provide a global approach to Asset Management
  • Facilitating the development of Standards, Accreditation and Tools to encourage consistency and benchmarked quality in the certification and training of those involved in Asset Management